A empresa Wildlife Studios está com uma vaga em aberto para o cargo de Recruiter, para atuar na Região de São Paulo-SP.Apesar da pandemia do coronavírus, muitas empresas estão com vagas em aberto. Saiba abaixo como você pode se candidatar ao cargo de   Recruiter e quais são os requisitos necessários para concorrer a vaga.



About the team

The People Team at Wildlife is reinventing itself. We know that the work we do has a high impact on our company’s success and our culture. We are data-driven, truth and excellence-seeking enablers of growth and scalers of talent. We want to build a company and a culture where everyone thrives. We’re looking for talented professionals that see the uniqueness of our opportunity, are excited by the challenges and are creative in addressing them.

About the role

Our Recruiting team is looking for someone with the tenacity to help us continue to grow our tech teams. The right person will be comfortable in a “take initiative” environment, loves solving people problems and can thrive in a fast and growing environment. This role is all about bringing on the smartest folks, maintaining our culture as we grow, and running an efficient process to keep it moving.



More about you

  • Self-driven. You have a go-getter attitude, exceptional organizational skills, integrity and great follow through on tasks. You don’t get easily overwhelmed… thousands of applicants each month? No problem!
  • You are a self-aware, clear communicator with empathy towards the people you work with.
  • You are passionate about the tech industry.
  • You’re innovative, highly creative, and constantly looking for ways to find skilled leads.
  • Passionate about candidate experience. You’re respectful of the candidate and the stressful process a job hunt can be.
  • You’re flexible, bold, and excited to help build something awesome and share it with the world.
  • Motivated. You understand the impact of a highly-satisfied, excited team; you are passionate about working on and solving problems.
  • You are a team player. You’re willing to help out wherever needed.

 What you’ll do

  • You’ll be tasked with supporting our hiring managers, building high-performance teams and partnering with global recruiting teams.
  • You will source and hire across our engineering team; helping to drive our product and ultimately continue to expand our business globally.
  • You will create robust pipelines while making each candidate feel like they’re the only ones you’re talking to.
  • You will be knowledgeable about our business and be on point for people related questions (i.e. benefits, comp, etc).
  • You will spread the word through attending networking events, e-meetups, etc.
  • You will work to improve upon existing programs and develop innovative strategies around finding our future team.
  • You will showcase your passion for the industry. That means intimate knowledge about the market, target companies, relationships in open-source networks.
  • You will willingly build pipelines from scratch, over and over again. How many candidates is it going to take for you to find the perfect fit?

What you’ll need

  • 6 or more years of recruiting or sourcing experience;
  • In-house or agency recruiting an experience;
  • To have a University degree or have equivalent work experience;
  • To be technically savvy (a must).

We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build the best gaming company, where everyone thrives.

Para candidatar-se a vaga, clique aqui. Você será direcionado para cadastrar seu curriculum.


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